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Facas Kay - Kai Knifes - Made in Japan

Facas Kai - Kai Knifes

Sushi Series Kinju, Hekiju &B KK

The Seki Magoroku Kinju and Hekiju kitchen knives make a strong impression with their high levels of functionality and durability. They lie particularly lightly in the hand and, with their blades ground on one side, enable extremely precise cuts. The 7 blades of the Kinju knives are suitable for right-handers, while the two blades of the Hekiju series are specially designed for left-handed users. The Kinju series includes four dierent lengths of the sturdy Deba blade and three lengths of the Yanagiba, a filleting knife for raw fish and meat. The Hekiju series includes a Deba and a Yanagiba. The traditional Japanese blade shape of the chef's knife series, combined with the geometrically formed black handle, creates a timeless and minimalist aesthetic. 


Yanagiba Kinju

Blade: 21 cm

Handle: 12,9 cm

Code: AK-1105

74,94 €

Yanagiba Kinju

Blade: 24 cm

Handle: 13,9 cm

Code: AK-1106

84,96 €

Deba Kinju

Blade: 16,5 cm

Handle: 12,9 cm

Code: AK-1102

89,95 €

Deba Kinju

Blade: 18 cm

Handle: 12,9 cm

Code: AK-1103

94,96 €

Yanagiba Hekiju Left hand

Blade: 21 cm

Handle: 12,9 cm

Code: AK-5077

47,50 € sold out

Deba Hekiju-Left hand

Blade: 15 cm

Handle: 11,9 cm

Code: AK-5073

52,50 €

Yanagiba KK

Blade: 27 cm

Handle: 12,7 cm

Code: KK-0027

124,96 €

Yanagiba KK

Blade: 30 cm

Handle: 12,7 cm

Code: KK-0030

159.95 €

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