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Small things make the difference! Apart from the selection of proper aromas it all comes down to their correct treatment.

AdHoc developed the PreciseCut to enable the flavours of the different herbs and spices that are used to unfurl in full.

The original AdHoc Precise Cut has a special stainless steel blade with sharply teeth. They are designed so that dried herbs and spices are cut rather than ground. The flavors unfurl in full, creating a brand new sensation of taste!


Chilli cutter PEPE

Code: MP203

27,90 €

Spice cutter and mill DUOSPICE

Code: MP291

29,90 €

Double mill DUOMILL

Code: MP12

17,90 €

Nutmeg mill MUSKATINO

Code: PM87

19,90 €

Milk and sauce frother RAPIDO

Code: MS10

27,90 € sold out

Cheese grater PISA

Code: CG01

19,90 €

Garlic cutter ALIO

Code: GC11

24,90 € sold out

Dispenser AROMA

Code: BZ70

29,90 €

Coffee Maker Mr. Brew

Code: MC20

39,90 €

Coffee grinder

Code: MC01

49,90 €

milk and sauce frother

Code: MS14

19,90 € sold out

Dispenser set

Code: ZM01

29,90 €

Mortar Crush

Code: MO20

44,90 €

Flambé Burner BRULÉE

Code: FZ61

29,90 €

Flambé Burner BRULÉE

Code: FZ62

290,90 €

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