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Facas Kai - Kai Knifes

TM Kamagata

The Tim Mälzer Kamagata series of kitchen knives makes an impact with its high standard of functionality, robust quality and minimalist aesthetics. With its clean-lined design, the knife collection focuses on the essentials required for efficient processes in the kitchen. 

The stylish curve of the blade gives the knives their characteristic contour. The name "Kamagata" (Japanese for "sickle-shaped") is derived from this distinctive shape. The blades are made of stainless steel with a polished finish. In combination with the black handle, the knives have an efficient, cool look and guarantee excellent handling and ergonomic features. Thanks to the special coordination of the different blade shapes, the Tim Mälzer Kamagata series provides the right knife for every purpose.


Office knife

Blade: 9 cm

Handle: 10,3 cm

Code: TMK-0700

59.95 €

Utility knife

Blade: 15 cm

Handle: 10,3 cm

Code: TMK-0701

69,95 €

Bread knife

Blade: 23 cm

Handle: 10,9 cm

Code: TMK-0705

89,95 €

Chef's knife

Blade: 20 cm

Handle: 10,9 cm

Code: TMK-0706

84,95 €


Blade: 20 cm

Handle: 10,9 cm

Code: TMK-0770

89,95 €

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